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Long Beach Skydiving

If you are looking for tandem skydiving in Long Beach or sky diving training in California, Long Beach Skydiving makes sure that you will have an unforgettable day! No one gives you more skydiving options anywhere around Long Beach, California!

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Tandem Skydiving in Long Beach

Tandem Sky Dives

If skydiving is on your 'bucket list' you really need to check out tandem skydiving with us here at Long Beach Skydiving! Join us here at Long Beach Skydiving for the most breathtaking ways to experience the thrills and elation of complete freefall skydiving over California. Skydiving is among life's greatest and best experiences. The rush is indescribable, and the feeling of euphoria lasts for months. Discovering skydiving is a must for those who love to fly!

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Long Beach Skydiving School

Skydiving Training

Take your skydiving adventures to the next level! Whether you want to be able to jump solo, or you're interested in a career as a skydiving instructor, Long Beach Skydiving can help you achieve your skydiving goals!

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Skydiving Gifts Long Beach

CA Skydiving Gift Ideas

Great for holiday gifts, birthdays or anniversaries, Long Beach Skydiving Gift Vouchers can be ordered as a tandem skydive, a solo course or one of the awesome Long Beach Skydiving packages that Long Beach Skydiving offers. Gift Certificates are good for 24 months from the time of purchase and are fully transferable which means that the beneficiary can always pass it on!

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Get a Video of your Skydive in Long Beach!

Skydiving Videos Long Beach

Long Beach Skydiving affiliates have some of the most capable camera flyers in California to record every moment of the jump of your lifetime! Many dropzones also utilize a different product, known as "handycam" or "GoPro", (a video camera mounted on your Tandem Master's wrist) for a more affordable, persona video.

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Join us for the experience of a lifetime! Right here at Long Beach Skydiving, our team of skydive experts can help you pick the ideal skydiving experience for you, your family and your friends. We are dedicated to providing you with the best skydiving experiences and training courses at the best possible rates. Contact us today to turn your dreams into a reality!

Skydiving and it's Advantages

When skydiving, your main focus is freefalling, enjoying the experience, and deploying the parachute at the right time, all of which will leave behind the most lasting impression of your life. Most people aren't typically inclined to freefall from thousands of feet in the air. Few might say that they freefall from an airplane as a hobby or that they've even given it a try. Once you have landed, your memories of that time will last your entire life. The very best way to share these memories, aside from the regaling of your experience, is to record them on video!

Here at Long Beach Skydiving we can schedule your spot on the next available flight with an expert videographer! Or, if you feel like you don't want a video documentation of the experience before you jump that's okay too! Regardless, don't regret losing out on this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Get Ready to Take On Your Fears!

They say nothing can compare to jumping out of an airplane, and we definitely agree. Adrenaline is an antiquated consequence of survival instinct. It dilates your pupils, tenses your muscles, and boosts blood flow to the brain and the body's major systems. Many people have the tendency to become hooked on the sensation of an adrenaline boost and skydiving is an amazing way to satisfy that need, particularly since it is one of the safer forms of extreme sports.

Some people are tentative about skydiving because "it's scary", to which we reply "of course it is." However, think about it this way: everyone is at least a little bit timid about diving from a moving airplane but thousands of men and women each year dive with us, and boy are they glad they did. Here are a few things to think about

  • Every one of our instructors has made this jump hundreds (if not thousands) of times and is required to be federally licensed by the FAA.
  • For many who take their first leap from an airplane, they are forced to discover that this activity isn't as scary as they may have thought. You literally fell from the sky, and landed safely. You more than likely enjoyed yourself. This fosters a conscious awareness that if you can fall from an airplane and survive, then maybe certain elements of your life may not be as tough as they may seem.
  • Confronting your fears is a great way to discover what you're made of, are you going to rise to meet the challenge?

Relieve Stress with Skydiving!

Skydiving can have a cleansing effect on your psyche. Among the clouds, above the world, your thoughts are free and clear. This gives you the crystal clear perspective needed to prioritize your thoughts and worries.

Despite your concerns, gliding with your instructor miles over the ground will create an ambiance of zen around you. It's the great equalizer, and it may aid your mental health by relieving the stress that often plagues your daily life.

It Provides a Host of Other Health Benefits

Aside from the positive impact on your mental health, skydiving benefits your health in other ways as well. Upper body strength is often increased as you lug your gear each day. Additionally, you may begin to see yourself in a different, more confident light. Suddenly, you feel more able to challenge yourself daily, and qualified to meet those challenges head-on.

There is an immeasurable amount of benefits skydiving can offer. As a matter of fact, the way skydiving can help you the most is merely by changing the way in which you see yourself and the world around you.

Many people are reluctant to skydive, believing that their family and friends may hold them back or think that they are just insane. However, this is an individual choice made by thousands every day. Do not let your own fears or the fears of others stop you from enjoying one of the best experiences you may have in your life, give us a call at 562-247-5474 today.

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